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I like how you guys care, it really means a lot to me. When people in your life check up on you, its expected, they’re not obligated to but its a nice gesture. You know what’s even nicer though? When strangers actually notice your absence and tries to make sure that you’re alright.

To answer your questions, I’m getting better and I’ve just been taking care of a lot of things lately. I’m really flattered that people actually read my posts and misses them. Sadly, I will be deactivating this account soon. I do have a new account that I update as often as I possible can. I’m just trying to avoid coming across some things that I don’t need nor can take at the moment.

It really lifts up my mood how people that I really didn’t do much to or for appreciates me. Meaning, I can be enough without doing too much. I did so much for someone and just got told that those didn’t mean anything, this at least turns that around a little bit.

I didn’t even know how I reached this many followers really, but thank you. As much as I don’t really take this site seriously, I have to say I appreciate all of you for doing the opposite to me.

Happy New Year!